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7 things I like about Chloe

Chloë Sevigny fascinates lesbians to no end. She's the sister of NYC it-event producer Paul Sevigny and owns a hip apartment in the East Village. Some things I like about her:

  1. Brown Bunny's unsimulated sex scenes make her an artist, not just an actress
  2. She has that half-lid sex look about her eyes
  3. She is running shit on HBO's Big Love
  4. She was in Kids
  5. She was the silver lining in the dark film Boys Don't Cry
  6. She interned at Sassy Magazine way back
  7. She is in the following pictoral, look smoking cute next to a rainbow and a handsome dark stranger


ps, who is the lovely lady with the hat? I like it, her. 

psps, read her interview in the Advocate or here.