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A blog that’s a living, growing resource

Gender Outlaw follows a transition in real time

Gender Outlaw

Gender Outlaw was one of the first blogs I added to Queer Canada Blogs, and I’ve been reading it off and on for about a year. It’s a transition journal by a trans guy in rural BC, who posts information and resources for people going through or thinking about transitioning — or those who, like me, just want to know more.

Transitions don’t happen overnight; I’ve learned that they span years, constantly building upon small yet significant physical, hormonal, emotional and social changes. Which makes a blog one of the best ways to witness that story. This journal is a living, growing resource. A year ago, he was just recovering from top surgery and starting testosterone. Now he’s researching doctors for bottom surgery (metoidioplasty and scrotoplasty) and has received his corrected birth certificate.

He posts transition photos regularly, which has really helped me witness the transition as it happens. You can flip through images of him pre-testosterone all the way to what he looks like today. From genital growth to issues of disclosure, this blog is a great FTM transition resource, while also being smart, insightful and most important — interesting.

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