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A bunch of chorus queens

A Toronto fundraiser features some of the drag scene's best talents and tallest heels

A Chorus Queen promises a glamorous fundraising evening for the battle against cancer. Credit: Lips and Lashes

When the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) approached producer, writer and director Marc Simcox about a fundraising event at a bar, he had a better idea. “My obsession for musical theatre and my sisterly love for most of the queens in Toronto led me to produce A Chorus Queen.” The upcoming fundraising theatre event is a must-have ticket for those of us who like musicals and adore drag. Simcox promises “intense choreography, dazzling costumes and an all-around drag-musical spectacular,” and a quick look at the show’s stars proves he’s not kidding around. He praises local leading ladies Scarlett Bobo, Ivory Towers, Nikki Chin, Judy Virago and Bunni Lapin as “fast-working and efficient . . . there’s trust.” Scarlett (also known as student and makeup artist Matty Cameron) agrees: “I was already friends with Ivory and Judy, but we’ve bonded and become closer with the other queens. All of us have something different to bring to the stage, and that’s what is going to make the show special.” The behind-the-scenes talent includes legendary wig builder Mikah Styles and Lucas Porter’s demanding choreography, so anticipation is higher than RuPaul’s heels!

The plot is similar to the beloved musical A Chorus Line, blending comedy, tragedy and a love story centred on a group of queens auditioning for stardom. Scarlett channels Bette Davis for a moment: “It’s faaaaaabulous, but these damn rehearsals! I’m afraid and having nightmares, but the fear is fuelling my passion for this and making me try harder.” Underneath the lashes and lip liner, the entire company shares the same passion. “Everybody has been, or sadly will be, affected by cancer,” Simcox says. “I’ve lost friends to cancer-related illnesses.” The funds raised from this show directly fund screening and education about cancer for LGBTQ [people]. The show queens and drag divas behind A Chorus Queen have hearts of gold, and the fact that this night of high-kicking entertainment supports the health of our community makes it an attractive event. Open those wallets, buy those tickets, and let’s give CCS and these Broadway babies a sold-out night!