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A couple of debates to ponder

It being the new year, corporate tax rates
are going down again, which is good for businesses' bottom lines, but the
trend has been to hoard cash rather than invest and hire more people. So is there an actual economic benefit? Does liquidity mean our businesses will
better ride out any future economic troubles? It’s debatable, naturally, and
there’s a good discussion on it here.

Also up for debate is just what Harper’s ongoing royal rebranding of the country means. While I might suggest that
we’re simply reaffirming that yes, Canada is a constitutional monarchy
and should stop being embarrassed by it, motives ascribed to Harper range from
an attempt to rebrand Canadian patriotism by returning to its roots, to giving
the finger to Quebec, or even undoing the Liberal brand of Canadian patriotism,
which did away with many of those symbols. Either way, given that it is now the
Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, with a visit by Prince Charles and Camilla scheduled for this
spring, we can expect more of the same to come.

NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan was “rammed” in
a hit-and-run by a suspected drunk driver on the weekend. She appears to be
unharmed and wants to use the opportunity to remind people about the dangers of
drinking and driving.

Here’s a bit more about the burgeoning
Office of Religious Freedom, whose role will be fleshed out early this year.

Michael Ignatieff writes about the politics
of fairness as we contemplate recessions at home and abroad.

And Peter O’Neil laments what our
fascination with Michelle Rempel’s abilities in the House says about the
decline of Parliament, where almost nobody can speak without
relying on notes and talking points. And he’s absolutely right – we really should
expect our elected officials to be able to debate and speak without scripts
rather than just accept it as the way things are done now.

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