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A different kind of dentist

House of Teeth is Sean Sikorski’s new vision in dentistry

Dentist Sean Sikorski is planning a late-July launch for his new project, the House of Teeth on East Broadway Street. Credit: Leah Bromley

Spend a few minutes with Sean Sikorski and you quickly realize he is not your typical dentist. After 13 years serving the dental needs of residents in Canada’s poorest postal code, he is about to make a move to East Broadway with his new dental experiment, House of Teeth.

“I am borrowing a page from Paris Is Burning and Alexander McQueen,” explains Sikorski, who is busy getting his new idea for dentistry ready for an end-of July opening. “I didn’t want to go back to a private practice, and I didn’t want to open a clinic. I wanted something else. I decided to open a ‘house.’”

His inspiration comes in part from a piece of gay history he calls beautiful and unique and in part from his passion for art. “I’m about to graduate from Emily Carr [University of Art and Design], and that is how the House of McQueen comes in to play,” he explains. “The House of Teeth is being created not only to care for people, but to be creative and push boundaries.”

While reinventing his dental practice might sound like a risky venture, for Sikorski it is just another in a long line of challenges undertaken with a desire to do the right thing.

“It is just as much about good dentistry as it is about good humanity,” he says.

And while Sikorski freely admits that he isn’t exactly sure what the House of Teeth will look like when it opens, there is little doubt it will put a smile on your face.