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A dispatch from Poland

Xtra recieved an update Dec 12 from
Wojciech Szot about the fight for same-sex civil partnerships in Poland. 


20th November – one day before local government elections – a demonstration was
organized in front of Warsaw University as part of the campaign Love Does Not
Exclude," writes Szot. "In the most popular weekend venue of our city we spoke about same-sex partnerships and presented our huge banner saying 'We
demand civil partnership law.' We plan to organize such events from time to
time to demand the introduction of the law on same-sex partnerships (draft
project in Polish can
be found on our website
). Unfortunately, politicians' interest in the
matter is scarce, but we hope this may change with the coming parliamentary


Szot says the group has started advertising across the country but has encountered
some resistence to getting its message out. A bus advertising company in
Inowroclaw, in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region, refused the group's ad
saying,"We will never consent to publish any controversial posters."
Yikes! Best wishes, Wojciech.


sent along this cool pic…. 

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