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Gift shopping for the music fanatic

Nothing says, “I thought extra hard about your gift” more than clicking on the “accessories” button in a pop star’s online merch store and ordering, say, a golden Beyoncé ornament or Britney Spears’s “Work Bitch” tree bauble. Credit: beyonce.com, britneyspears.com

The worst thing about being a music snob is that no one knows how to shop for you. Your loved ones either assume you have everything or think your taste is so temperamental, specific and expensive that the thought of buying a music-related gift makes them want to throw up on themselves a little. Such a problem is probably symptomatic of larger personality issues, but as this is a gift guide, not a therapy session, best not to dwell on it here. Instead, here are a few suggestions that might inspire wide-eyed wonder in the annoying-to-shop-for music fan in your life.

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