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A fine bromance

If you ask any gay man if he watches straight porn, he will likely give you an emphatic “Hell no.” If you had asked me that question a year ago, my response would’ve been similar. But these days I watch way more straight porn than gay. It’s not because I love pussy; it’s because I edit straight-porn videos to pay the bills. There have been times when I’ve become aroused while on the clock.

You can’t deny that men in straight porn are often really hot and hung, so I enjoy seeing them naked and in action. As a gold-star gay, however, I didn’t get much enjoyment seeing the women… that is until recently. It’s the MMF, or group sex scenes, that are blowing my hair back. I’m not talking about bisexual porn here, although I’ve gotten off to that more than once. I’m talking about the few-and-far-between moments in straight porn in which the men share bromantic seconds. We’ve all seen gay-for-pay porn where otherwise straight men have sex with each other for money, but what I’m writing about, my friends, is way hotter.

After watching hundreds of hours of straight group porn, I can tell you there is a set of rules about what straight men can do in the process of sharing a women as a sex object. For example, double penetration (DP) and triple penetration (TP) involves rubbing your dick against another man’s. That is okay in the conventions of straight group porn as long as you don’t touch his ass or get cum on him when you shoot. That doesn’t mean sometimes the rules don’t get broken.

Check out this amazing thread to see what I mean: go to, get a free membership and then search “Homoerotic Scenes in Straight Porn.” There are 811 entries, most of which include a link and specify exactly when the bromance occurs. You’ll see everything from plain old DP to straight men cumming on each other’s cocks and balls. You’ll even see them accidentally licking each other’s dicks. My favourite parts are the ones that are clearly not accidents, such as what happens on page 30 of the thread in the film Cunt Hunters. Hold back from just skipping to the good part, though; watch the whole thing to really appreciate the moment.

Another thing I like about this site is that each user can list what percentage they are straight and what percentage they are gay. Before you watch a single video on the thread, write down your percentage. After you’ve worked your way through a good portion of the clips, reevaluate your score.

After watching every video on the site, I think I must be at least 25 percent more straight than I thought I was.