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A gay priest, an island paradise and the new face of HIV

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Vatican opens family summit, fires gay priest

Pope Francis has opened the Vatican’s summit on the family, on the heels of his visit to the post-marriage-equality United States. On the eve of the summit, a Polish priest was fired after coming out as gay, calling himself “a gay priest who is happy, and proud of his identity.”

Malta tops Europe for LGBT rights

The tiny island nation of Malta topped gay rights advocacy organization ILGA’s poll of European nations in 2015. Malta boast a constitutional ban on discrimination against LGBT people, new work protections for trans people and legal civil unions.

San Francisco revolutionizes HIV treatment

The New York Times looks at how doctors treating HIV in San Francisco are changing the face of the disease using new drugs, new strategies and a new attitude. According to the World Health Organization, San Francisco is the new role model for HIV treatment.

“Let the little homo sue”

After a high school student at a Tennessee private school asked to bring another boy to prom, he was suspended from classes. The school’s commissioner then took to Facebook to issue the challenge, “let the little homo sue,” and called gay people “a vicious, spiteful people.”

Biden and Clinton address Human Rights Campaign

US Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden both addressed the influential gay rights group the Human Rights Campaign Oct 3, both zeroing in on the US military’s policy on transgender troops. Both candidates are looking for an endorsement from the HRC, which is considering which to back in next year’s presidential election.

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