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A glut of new Liberal ads

The Liberals have put out a glut of new ads (most of them appear to be online), which are largely geared at getting Canadian voters to warm up to Michael Ignatieff.

The first has Ignatieff recounting his days as a war correspondent; he tells the story of how a Canadian soldier saved both him and his film crew from a paramilitary group in the Balkans and how the incident exemplifies that Canadians are viewed around the world as peacekeepers.

The second builds on some of the same clips as the first; Ignatieff talks about his time teaching at Harvard and how his experience in the field as a war correspondent, seeing what happens when human rights break down, served him well in his role as a professor. He hopes to bring that experience to Canadian politics.

The first of two French ads is an animated one about the blue door-red door choice of fighter planes versus the Liberal Family Pack. The ad also comes in billboard form.

The second French ad is a two-minute recounting of his thoughts on why women matter in government, the importance of Quebec in Canada and Quebeckers in government, and the role of the prime minister in bringing people together.

If you’re interested, the Bloc’s ads are all collected here.
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