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A Happy Birthday to all Sean’s…new club alert…and a selfish Meat Street Beat

It was my birthday yesterday and writer-Los Angeles celebutante Steven Reigns sent me this:

Watch this poster’s other videos. No wait, don’t. Instead, keep in mind that you too can become a YouTube celebrity of sorts with just a webcam, a computer and an internet connection.
If you haven’t heard, there’s a new club opening up this week on Davie called Pulse with three nights lined up to celebrate its pending fabulosity:
While out shopping with my sister Lindsay this afternoon (what better way to spend a birthday), I heard this in the lady’s side of Zara on Robson St:
Oh that Dannii Minogue is a saucy minx! To watch a better quality video, click here. I enjoy that Jason Nevins is floating around like a DJ God…mmm hmm…sure.
Anyway, shopping with my sister and hearing Dannii in a store got me to thinking about all things sisterly – the one, the only Kylie Minogue released a new single and remix album this week. Here’s the single, it’s different but I like it – this isn’t the official video but hey, it’s something:
And here’s a non-remixed version:
I’ve heard rumours that Paula Abdul has also cut a version of this track and that it will be Paula’s first single of her new album. I guess we’ll see this spring…