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A heterosexual lamented

A surprisingly generous Jamaica Gleaner piece on homophobia against male dancers features a quote containing today’s title, an amusing turn of phrase:

"The reality is, there are gays in every sector of society, so why persons choose to taunt dancers?” Hall, a heterosexual, lamented.

We’ve got a couple straight guys lamenting today — people like Doug Cryer (hah!), a victim of intolerance.  Why, oh why, can’t the haters tolerate his hatred?

Well, at least Texas educator Don McLeroy might be pleased by Cryer’s government appointment. McLeroy has a (non-fossilized) bone to pick with the US National Academy of Sciences for teaching evolution:

Our nation cannot progress morally, spiritually, or politically so long as we permit the NAS to teach our children that they are descended by chance from worms.

Uh, Don?  That’s kinda the very definition of progress.  Wanker.

And of course, since I’m doing this week’s rundown of homophobes, all roads lead to Rome!  Even the irritating Wolf Blitzer can see that the Pope is completely, utterly, stupidly wrong:

Personally, I’d like to introduce all these guys to 62-year-old Ritchie Dowie, who was gaybashed in Vancouver this past weekend.  Ask him about our nation’s moral and spiritual progress!

Attacks like those are sadly everywhere but at least Berlin is doing something about it — check out this new ad campaign (there’s heterosexual and lesbian versions too):

As Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit told the press, “The mere fact that a kiss between two people triggers hatred and violence is sad and incomprehensible."

I like my straight guys a little braver, a little cooler than that — and if they’re as cute as pouty actor Robert Pattinson, all the better: 

The UK tabloids are giggling over his gay love scene in an upcoming movie and the actor is doing the usual “it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done” schtick.  Whatever — it’s still one tiny step forward in putting an end to discrimination, no matter how hard these older guys try to turn us back into worms!

As for me, it’s one last day in London before a distressingly early flight back tomorrow.  You may or may not see me back here then but the Roundup will definitely be back on Friday, live from Toronto!