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A legend in seclusion

Nicolas Davies was born July 11, 1969.

As legendary actor, model and performer Nicholas Davies turns 40 this week, we take a look at his long and varied career.

The former child star shot to fame tackling a series of memorable roles, winning two Best Actor Ninnies™ along the way. At every turn, Nick used his influence to change the world for the better, challenging audiences and championing a long list of underdog causes. Nick also used his influence to generate millions in revenues for the many companies who sought to associate their wares with his image.

Ultimately, fame would take its toll on Nick and he fell into an all-too-familiar trap of excess and addiction. After years of embarrassing behaviour, Nick disappeared into seclusion several years ago, leaving the tabloids to speculate on his whereabouts. Below, our photo gallery looks back at some key moments in the career of Nicholas Davies, a true legend.