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A less presidential Remembrance Day

With it being Remembrance Day, here are statements from Stephen HarperMichael Ignatieff and Elizabeth May.

Meanwhile, Bill Siksay and Libby Davies recorded video messages for the day.

Incidentally, Harper won’t be in Ottawa this year, as he’s over in Korea for the G20. But he laid a wreath there in commemoration of our Korean War dead. (And hey, this year he won’t trample over protocol to look more presidential.)

Elsewhere, the Liberals are on the G20 spending issue again, this time with a handy reference chart.

The government is mulling closing more embassies in Africa. Because that’s demonstrating that they haven’t abandoned the continent.

Rumour now has it that Peter MacKay may be following Jim Prentice to the private sector.

And Scott Brison wishes Stephen Harper luck on his “listening tour,” seeing as Harper can’t even listen to his own cabinet.
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