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A little rightwing extremity to make you laugh and/or cry

You must watch this clip (below) to know what we’re up against. This is rightwinger Linda Harvey, of Mission America Radio, giving tips to her listeners on how to avoid homosexual doctors. What’s interesting, and tragic, is the way Harvey talks about homosexual doctors as if they’re perverted, contagious and a threat to your children.

Listening to Harvey, I was reminded of the book The Help, by Kathryn Stockett. The Help is about racism is the Southern United States in the 1960s. A major plot development is racial segregation. A lot of people used to think that black people carried diseases, and there was such fear among white people of being infected they’d often build their help their own bathroom in the backyard.

Listening to Linda talk about gay doctors with such disgust and fear makes me dizzy. It’s crazy when you think about how much we’ve evolved with technology, but when it comes to accepting the people who we have to share this world with, some of us just can’t seem to enter the 21st century.