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A little sunshine from Florida

While the Sunshine State is to blame for alligators, Disney World, high-pulp orange juice, fundamentalists and boy bands, a new poll reveals that "only" 55 percent of voters support a ban on gay marriage (enacting the ban requires at least 60 percent). I like to think it's the steady flow of Canadian values coming down with the snowbirds!

Speaking of which, Stephen Harper is campaigning for re-election based on a warmer, fuzzier image as some sweater-clad father figure like Bing Crosby (oh wait, bad analogy!). Asked about the family values of his rival, Harper said, "I don't know Stephane Dion all that well. I presume that he's been married a long time, has children. I presume he's a family man also.'' You gotta love that word "presume" — it allows Harper the unspoken finish, "…but Dion could also be a pagan-worshipping homosexual who drinks the blood of children."

Justin Timberlake almost got punched in the face when a fight broke out in a New York club. Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Beyoncé and Solange Knowles were also there, ducking for cover. Is it just me or does "Celebrity Bar Brawl" not sound like the best reality show ever?

Austrailian diver Matthew Mitcham, gold-medal winner and one of the few openly gay athletes at the Beijing Olympics, is being honoured with his own postage stamp. Canada Post employees are praying that Mark Tewksbury doesn't hear about this!

Now that Kevin and Scotty are married, out Canadian actor Luke Macfarlane becomes a series regular when "Brothers & Sisters" returns on Sept. 28. That's not really news; just an excuse to print this very pretty publicity picture!