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A long weekend without a release to bury

The Friday afternoon of a summer long weekend came and went, and the government didn’t release anything that it was attempting to bury. Weird, I know. It completely goes against tradition.

Rookie NDP MP Charmaine Borg talks about her new job, and lo and behold, there’s nothing in there about scrutinizing
estimates or holding the government to account. And once again, we don’t teach
new MPs anything about civic literacy and wonder why they don’t have any idea what their jobs actually are.

A former Liberal candidate in Surrey North
said over the Twitter Machine that Vancouver Pride is vulgar and should be
banned. He later went on to say that he’s not homophobic and supports same-sex
marriage but finds the open display of sexuality to be vulgar, as he wouldn’t
want to expose his children to it. Keep digging. I’m sure that some of his best
friends are gay.

Bob Rae blogs about the US debt crisis and
how the lesson for Canada is that the political polarization the
Conservatives and NDP are preaching is not a good thing. He says that there is a place
for centrist politics in Canada (and by extension, a place for the Liberal

The Supreme Court has ruled that the
federal government can’t be dragged into lawsuits against tobacco companies.
Apparently, several companies were trying to make the government a co-defendant (ensuring that it would have to share in the costs and damages), but
the Supreme Court has said no.

One of the arrested “suspected war
criminals” says that he’s innocent and the government can’t prove he did anything in
Congo. Jason Kenney claims otherwise.

And Michael Valpy looks back at Michael Ignatieff’s failure to connect with voters during the last election and what that
means for Canadian politics.

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