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A look at what’s behind the LGBT rights crisis in Africa

Human Rights Watch director on sub-Saharan Africa

Graeme Reid, director of the LGBT rights program at Human Rights Watch, talks about the LGBT rights crisis in sub-Saharan Africa. “These laws are a game changer; they are so extreme,” he says of recent legislation in Uganda and Nigeria.

The situation for many gay and lesbian people in sub-Saharan Africa seems to be nothing short of horrifying. How did things get so bad and what can be done to combat the violence and homophobia? 

In the above video, Graeme Reid, the director of the Human Rights Watch LGBT rights program, talks with Rob Salerno about the events leading to the present situation in Africa and what can be done to fight anti-gay laws that lawmakers recently passed in Uganda and Nigeria.  

“These laws are a game-changer; they are so extreme,” Reid says. He also weighs in on the recent decision of some international organizations to divert aid and other support for some African countries.

Reid also spoke with Daily Xtra about the situation in Russia and Ukraine in the same interview, which was posted earlier in March.