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A mom defends her gay son after attack at his Ohio school

shocking clip of Zach being viciously attacked in his Ohio classroom in October
will make you gasp in horror, but the incredible support of his mom, Becky, will
make you tear up.

After the attack, the school principal actually said to Zach, “I don’t have any other
problems with any other gay students in this school. The problem seems to be
with you. What can we do to change you?”

The principal called Zach’s mom after the beating, expecting her to take him home.
Becky would have none of that and instead insisted that the principal call the police. Because
that is what’s supposed to happen when a crime takes place.

is not going to go unpunished,” she said. “It’s not a bad school.
It’s just not a good school for gay or lesbian children."

thing Zach has an amazing mom, who stood by her son and defended him against
bullies, some of whom were school officials.

some tissues and see the video here:

just like to add that the comments underneath the video clip display the kind of
subtle and not-so-subtle homophobia that led to Zach’s beating.

"No one should be
victimized the way this young man does, at the same time, I feel that the way
he dresses, the way he speaks, even his general mannerism is almost an attempt
to call out to people to bring attention to his sexuality. No one should have
to hide who they are, but there’s no reason to run down the streets screaming
it either."

This commenter has it right: “I wish
people would stop calling this bullying. This was assault."

Another says, “What happened to the bully? Was he dealt

I hope so.

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