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A pamphlet on Jesus inspired Boy George’s newest single

"This isn’t a song; this is a movement,” Boy George says in his latest video for the single “My God."

"I was in a bar in New York, the B Bar, that I used to go to every Tuesday,” George told eMusic, explaining the inspiration behind the song. “It was everyone’s favorite haunt. I was drunk and messy, and this guy came up and gave me a Jesus pamphlet. First of all, I didn’t know what it was. I thought, ‘Oh that’s nice, he’s given me a book!’ Then I was like, ‘Arrgh, how dare he!’

"Back then, if people said, ‘Oh, I’ll pray for you,’ I’d shudder. Now I’m a bit more open to that. Back then, it was more, what do you mean, you’re gonna pray for me?! I was very defensive, so with this guy, I was like, ‘What if I gave you a pamphlet on cross-dressing? What would you say?’

"It was presumptuous of me. In hindsight, I just think that the universe does things to poke you. During that period, I was kind of screaming out to be contained in some way. And it happened, certainly not in any way that I desired it, or planned it [i.e in court, on assault and false imprisonment charges], but it’s what happened."

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