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A Piece of Work: Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers' new documentary about her life and career is finally playing in Vancouver at 5th Avenue Cinemas. I've been waiting for this one and this trailer will help you understand why:

This trapdoor into Joan's life is as inspiring as it is terrifying. What compels anyone to pursue a life as a performer? How does the approval and adoration of complete strangers become so addictive that it can consume your life? A Piece of Work is a behind-the-stage glimpse at one of the West's true icons, who is as insecure as she is brilliant. Joan Rivers has always been there, in the way that Madonna or Michael Jackson or Larry King or Barbara Walters have always been there. To see her stripped down and bared for all to see is utterly and completely captivating.

She also loves her gays. The anal sex and AIDS jokes are filthy and delicious. So get out and support the reigning queen of comedy.

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