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A quartet of positive ads

The NDP has put out a new ad with high production values that shows ordinary people talking about what they imagine makes a great leader and Jack Layton promising to do just that. (Did I mention my issues with this “electing a leader” talk as though this were an American-style presidential system?) Again, this ad focuses solely on Layton and has no mention of his team, the party or its platform.


The Liberals have put out a trio of new Quebec ads, all in the same style, which bear the slogan “The power to change things in Quebec.” Once again, the ads play up the issue of Quebec's being a part of the government, not the opposition. All are shot against an off-white background with Ignatieff musing about the topics at hand:

Democracy at home.

Modern economic success.

Living and working together.

As you can see, there is not an attack ad among them. Interesting that they come out during the week that is supposed to be the nastiest of the campaign.
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