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A queer comedy fundraiser

Donating a chuckle to Pink Triangle Services

Who better to coax some laughter out of people than queer comedians getting into the spirit of Halloween?

On Oct 27, the Creepy Queer Comedy show, a fundraiser for Pink Triangle Services, will feature gay comics Darcy Michael and Trevor Boris, both Canadian, and DeAnne Smith and trans comedienne Alison Grillo from the US.

Grillo, who hails from New York City, is feisty and ready to take on a Canadian audience with her acerbic wit.

“I’m more of a standup-punch kind of a girl,” she says. “I like to get a laugh, and with storytelling it is difficult to get a laugh and it’s hard to keep people’s attention, and my own attention span is limited.”

Grillo took up comedy after she transitioned. She moved to New York, took comedy classes and began her new life.

“For me, comedy has been about healing, and a lot of fun!” she writes in an email. “It seems that many transsexual women embark on career changes and other adventures once they’ve transitioned. My sense of humour has always been the one thing about me that seemed most special, the one thing that could somehow win the day and that could make the most favorable impression on people.”

Grillo says she is looking forward to performing in Ottawa and is busy tuning her skit to fit in cultural references that Canadian audiences will relate to.