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A queer tour of Copenhagen’s Christiania

'Here you can scream and shake your hands and wear lipstick'

Christiania has always had a strong gay presence. Credit: The Gay House archives
Copenhagen’s Christiania has just more than 850 residents, but they are known throughout the world for their unique, free-living lifestyle. 

Since the 1970s, when a group of squatters took over the former military barracks, the commune has thrived despite threats from the government and developers.

“Christiania is a free city — a hippie city — in the city of Copenhagen,” says resident Jens-Peter Damgaard. 
Since the beginning, Christiania has had a strong queer contingent. 
“Being gay in Christiania is like being gay elsewhere in Copehagen,” Damgaard says. “But out here you can scream and shake your hands and wear lipstick if you want, and nobody takes notice of it.”
The centre of this community is The Gay House, where plays are staged, art is exhibited and wild parties are the norm. It is a definite must-see on your next trip to Copenhagen. 
Below is a video tour of Christiania.