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A queer wiki and a party becomes a documentary

Do you care about details? Does trivia excite you?  

Then I have a project for you: WikiQueer.

WikiQueer is the brainchild of The Aequalitas Project, a non-profit organization. The site depends on user-created content, just like any other wiki, but with a focus on LGBTQ ideas, issues and individuals. It is still in its soft-launch stages: the first two names I put in, “serosorting” and then “Gore Vidal,” turned up nothing — but that also means that there is a lot of room for content. 

In that same vein, Halifax’s Gay Halifax website/wiki even has its own entry, as it is currently one of the content partners of WikiQueer.


It’s no secret that for the past few years, certain queers living in urban centres have been creating new spaces to socialize and party. Think of the now-defunct Jackie 60 in NYC or Monteal’s recent Faggity Ass Fridays.

But in Los Angeles, Wu Tsang decided to take the party to the next level: a documentary. Tsang was the host of “Wildness,” a party that happened at the Silver Platter in East Los Angeles. The film documents the parties and the people who flocked to them, namely immigrant Latin queers, many of them living outside gender norms, even if only within the confines of the Silver Platter.

The film was recently made part of the Whitney Biennial, where Tsang was interviewed about the film and the people who populate it. Check it out.

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