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A quick word about Anthony Weiner’s… you know

Well, it’s about effin’ time: over a week after a pic of Representative Anthony Weiner’s… well, wiener, showed up on Twitter, dude finally owned up to the fact that he had accidentally posted it while trading pics with some girls he had been mackin’ on.

All right. Before we get into this, let’s go over some constants here. First, the internet was built solely for the free exchange of dicks and boobies. Sure, you could say that it was built for the exchange of knowledge, but you’d just be a naive d-bag. Second, if you can convenience someone at no personal cost to yourself, you’re morally obligated to do so. And third, any expectations you place on others must be placed on yourself as well. Got all that? Now let’s move on.

Let’s examine Anthony Weiner’s case. He’s a congressman from New York, he’s married, he has thus far refused to try and pass any moral policing measures on others, and all he did was send a couple of dick pics around to some girls he was trying to get a little something from. Now, ask yourself this: Is that honestly so bad? How many of you do this every day on Manhunt or Adam4Adam? Politicians are still human beings, and every now and then humans need to get some pussy, cock, ass or all of the above. Hell, our genetics are streamlined for the sole purpose of ensuring that we get as much fucking as we can.

However, before we completely let him off the hook, let’s not forget that he did technically cheat on his wife. That’s bad. And his refusal to admit that he published the pics drew attention away from important issues and presumably cost taxpayers in one way or another. Also bad. So, if we can get mad at him for something, be pissed about that instead of getting all huffy over something that people do every freaking day.

People love to fuck, and they will do stupid shit in order to fuck. As long as he’s not trying to police people about whom they can and can’t fuck, and as long as it’s with another consenting adult in a situation where he’s not cheating on his wife, I don’t care where he puts his dick. For all I care, he can put it on a goddamn billboard as long as all adult parties involved in the matter are a-okay with it. Besides, have you seen the pic? Dude doesn’t look too bad for 46. And it turns out the piece of kosher beef he’s packing downstairs isn’t too bad either. All I’m saying is, if you’re pissed off about the fact that he lied to his constituents and cheated on his wife, go ahead. I am too. But posting pictures of his schlong on the web? BFD.

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