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A right-on Chick with a dick

Bimbi's got breasts, and keeps hanging, too

Transsexuals are the bravest of our troopers, going against all they’ve been told and brainwashed and instead following their dreams and desires and creating their own realities. Trans women rule.

Perhaps you’ve seen this issue’s subject advertising her stuff, as Gucci or Ecstasy, for years, but now you’re getting the inside scoop about the fabulous world of Miss Bimbi. She is one of the finest transsexual prostitutes this sin city has to offer. Prostitution is one of the few professions where a “T-Girl” can be herself and make a decent living. Bimbi is employee of the month every month.

Michael Venus: Tell us about you.

Bimbi: My name is Bimbi and I’m in the professional entertainment business. I’ve been doing it for about four years now and I love it.

MV: Why?

B: Well if I wasn’t doing this like everyone else, I would be cruising around anyway, searching for free. So I may as well get paid for it. They come to you! You see these guys on the street and you only wish you could have them. You think you could never get them, but here I get them, honey. Lots of hot straight guys, they knock on my door and I get wet right away (we both giggle). Sometimes I forget to ask for the money if they are too hot. I also don’t have to do it if I don’t feel like it. If somebody comes here and they’re smelly or dirty, I say, ‘No I can’t do it.’ It works both ways; if they come here and don’t like me they are free to go, too!

MV: I’m sure that doesn’t happen very often.

B: No.

MV: So how many clients do you, on average, have in a day?

B: At least four or five; that’s a normal day.

MV: Don’t you ever get tired?

B: Yes; if they are cute, I get tired.

MV: Do you get to travel with your job?

B: Yes, often I go travel by myself and work wherever I go. I have a lot of friends all over the place, mostly in Europe. I set up a place, advertise in the papers just like here and I’m set.

MV: So tell me about your transition since lots of people really haven’t got a clue about all that glamour.

B: Well, it started back home in Singapore when I was 14. I always dressed like a woman everyday, I just didn’t have anything done because of the money thing-it costs a lot. When I moved here officially and got all my papers, I started getting things done. I got my head implants, I got my adam’s apple shaved, I got my breasts (which I just love) and I got my liposuction. I got my ass done so it looks lickable. Next, I will get my hips done; I have to go to Brazil to get that done. Everything else I have either gotten in the States or Bangkok. They are great in Bangkok, way cheaper.

MV: Tell me about your family and all that.

B: I have a big family that is all back home. My dad was doing okay financially but not so much anymore and so I help out a lot. They are okay with what I do; maybe deep inside they are a little sad or something, but they see me doing well and that I am not a bad person like doing drugs or in trouble with the police or anything like that and especially that I am responsible and give to my family so it’s good. I treat all my three step-moms and mother and sisters with memorable trips and life memories and they all pray for me. That’s how I got my place. It isn’t easy for me to get a bank loan considering the industry I’m in, so they all prayed for me and out of nowhere I get a call and was accepted. There’s lots of magic back there. It works!

MV: What is with the fact that so many ‘straight’ guys just can’t get enough of tranny love?

B: There are so many different reasons. What I hear most from my clients is that they see how much their wives or girlfriends enjoy giving head or getting fucked in the ass and they wonder what they are missing. So they want to try giving a blowjob or getting it up the ass. They realize there must be something good about it, so they want to experiment. A lot of guys are just horny and want to screw! A lot of guys just like it like the girls do.

MV: What does the future hold in store?

B: I will retire. I have my own home and lots of savings; maybe I’ll get married.

MV: Will you ever go through the whole transition?

B: No, I don’t think so. I am quite happy with it. I’m having fun and this is all about me, not my clients. If I had a pussy and looked like a man people will still call me a faggot, it makes no difference. Keeping the penis is less pain, it never comes back. More and more people like this nowadays: Chick With a Dick. There is hardly anyone straight left. They never talk about it but they all wanna play.

MV: Okay, say if there is a little gaylene boy shim out there, who really just wants to be more of a girl, what are some words of tranny wisdom for our little ‘two in ones’?

B: Do it properly and not just for nighttime glamour. I see a lot of transsexuals who look great at night and you know they grow their hair and pluck the brows but during the day they look dirty. Just a little powder during the day at least, start with the basics. If you really want to be a woman it will cost a lot of money and it is very high maintenance, but honey, dressing it up with lipstick and powder isn’t that much. Do it slowly but surely.