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A slippery sleuth

A Finger Slip is a Sherlock Holmes fan-fiction-inspired fan-film

A hypothesis: One falls in love, as one is wont to do. Through cruel fate this hypothetical person is able to spend time with their love for only a few hours every year or two. One would want more time, even if that time is only dreams and fantasy, wouldn’t one?

I am speaking, of course, about Sherlock Holmes.

The BBC’s Sherlock first aired in 2010, and from the end of that season to the next was a year and a half. Adoring fans (of which I am one) were in for another agonizing wait of almost two years for the third season, and now that’s finished . . .

I adore fandom (and have written about historical practices of fandom and queer readings before), and Sherlock has spawned a legion of fans dedicated to creating discussion, art and stories about history’s most famous gay (or asexy) couple.

One piece of fandom has even inspired a group of young fans to create a film adaptation. Dreams do come true!

Michigan fan Naomi Javor is in the process of turning writer Pawtal’s fan fiction A Finger Slip into a fully realized film. The premise of the story is that adolescent Holmes and Watson meet through an accidental text. Love at first finger slip!

"It’s kind of a new form of media, taking fan-created stuff and actually making another form out of it,” one team member explains in their Kickstarter video. “Like, it’s a big creation of fandom awesomeness."

Like Benedict Cumberbatch (any good Sherlock, really), A Finger Slip’s Cody Quin makes a strangely attractive Holmes. Really, the whole team is as completely adorable as the story.

While they have already met their funding goal, with a month and a half to go, if one’s finger were to slip an extra dollar toward this wonderful project, I would hypothesize that no one would complain.