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A study in Briefs



A new lesbian/lgbtq prom blog on tumblr!

Saw The Runaways last night at the old Paramount. I bought it. Go watch it now. 



Read: Can animals be gay? The NY Times investigates.

Play: Go
play basketball in Montreal. Many leagues but only one for women. Anyone know if the lesbian pick-up games are still happening?

Read: Catholic Church blames child rape on hippies and gays.

Listen: David Byrne and Fatboy Slim collaborate, listen on NPR. This album is about Imelda Marcos and 20 guest women singers portray the story's two main characters, including Sharon
Jones, Annie Clark of St.
Vincent, Shara Worden of My
Brightest Diamond, Tori
Amos, Nellie
McKay, Kate Pierson of the B-52's, Martha
Wainwright, Santigold and Cyndi
Lauper. Kinda epic.

Read: A transgender tip sheet for keeping safe.

Watch: I really love the United States of Tara. Toni Collette plays a mother with multiple personality disorder. This season, one of her personalities, a butch top named Buck, is having an affair with Chasing Amy's Joey Lauren Adams.

Read: A Top 50 list of lesbian and bisexual characters on screen.

Read: What Does a Lesbian Look Like?

Watch: So-Called,
the Movie, about Kleismer band leader Josh Dolzgin.

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