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A tale of two memes

There were two competing memes going on during Question Period yesterday. If you were a member of the Opposition, that meme was “Why are the Conservatives trying to save their jobs while Canadians are losing theirs?”  And if you were a Conservative, it was all about reading into the record statements that Jacques Parizeau made about how great the coalition was.

The Bloc, for their part, have been doing their part to point out that the Conservatives were eager to work with them in 2004 and in 2000, when they were the Canadian Alliance under the leadership of Stockwell Day.  (Day, by the way, denied having any knowledge of it, and invited Duceppe to take the accusation outside the House, where he won’t be protected by Parliamentary privilege).

There were few other highlights from Question Period today:
-Whereas it was Dion on his feet with every supplemental question two days before, it was Duceppe yesterday, only there was a lot less anger.
-Ken Dryden versus Pierre Poilievre – no contest.
-Thomas Mulcair probably got the best line of the day, saying Harper has been through denial, anger and bargaining, and that he needs to move to acceptance.
-Lisa Raitt finally wore a top that fits, and her delivery is much less wooden. Now if only she could move past the lame talking points!
-And finally, Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq keeps saying “specialists” instead of “separatists,” which throws off the drinking game completely.

Elsewhere, the CBC has a great piece on the Governor General’s role, Ed Broadbent launched a broadside at the Conservatives, calling out their “lies,” and former Governor General Ed Schreyer says that if he were still in Rideau Hall, he’d be giving the keys to 24 Sussex to the coalition.

If you missed the Prime Minister’s address, the text can be found here.  Dion’s response can be found here, likewise Duceppe’s and Layton’s.  (And if you missed it, Xtra’s liveblog of the evening is here).

First up this morning, Harper visits Her Excellency, and it sounds like he’s going to ask for prorogation. Will she let him? Tune in next time!