Toronto Diary
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A thank-you to the community

It’s about a week until Christmas, so I’m particularly vulnerable to feel-good, seasonal stories. Here’s one that happened yesterday in the Village. 

I’m sure most of you know Pam Page. She’s the lovely little British woman/über PFLAG mother who knits cock-warmers and is generally just ever-present here in the Village like a benevolent fairy godmother.

A couple weeks ago, Pam’s son David passed away unexpectedly at a young age, and since Pam was here from the UK as a caregiver for David, the Canadian government decided to deport her. In short, she lost both her son and her home right before Christmas.

So last night, something special happened: Miss Conception decided to donate all the tips from her Seasons of Love performance to Pam to help alleviate the costs of David’s funeral and her move back to the UK. Here’s the best part: in the space of three and a half minutes, the crowd at Woody’s donated a collective $1,000 to Pam.

At the risk of going all Linus at the end of A Charlie Brown Christmas on all of you, that’s totally what Christmas is all about: a group of people come together to make the coldest, darkest time of the year better than it ever could have been. So thank you to everyone who came out last night and did a little bit of good to help out someone in need. It’s good to know that if you give people an opportunity to be good, they’ll come through for you.

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