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A totally helpful dialogue

Oh, look – more sniping between the chief
of Attawapiskat and the minister. Because that’s helpful. Meanwhile, audits show that funds for First Nations were being mishandled by the department,
which wasn’t doing its own job with due diligence.

Harper is talking tough on Iran but
perhaps is exaggerating the situation a little too much, according to foreign
policy experts. I’m also totally sure the tough talk has
nothing to do with the “support Israel at all costs!” narrative Harper has
nurtured to play primarily to his evangelical base. Really!

After nearly a decade of limbo and accusations
of tailoring statements of requirement to favour certain vendors, it looks like
the government is going to finally move ahead with finding replacements for our
aging fleet of search and rescue aircraft.

The Liberals will be hearing from two
successful American Democratic Party organizers at their convention.

On a not unrelated note, former Liberal
candidate Daniel Veniez, who gave a pretty raw assessment of the party last
week, cautions his party against making change for change’s sake (note:
possible paywall).

For those of you keeping up on the supply management debate, here is an analysis of why it would be difficult to
get rid of, and perhaps why we shouldn’t in the broader view.

Here’s a cute piece on why Justin Bieber could never be prime minister of Canada.

And Andrew Potter dissects “authenticity”
in politics, and why it’s both bad politics and bad for politics.

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