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A trio of election ads

The three major parties each released new election ads today.

The first, from the Conservatives, is a new attack ad aimed at the coalition.

Right away, I noted the reference to the NDP defection in London. Citing a Toronto Sun headline, the issue is alleged to be "proof" of an impending coalition. Yes, the headline comes from a paper published by Sun Media, whose vice president is Harper’s former director of communications. And it was the Conservatives who brought up the coalition talk with said defection. Just saying. Also, the NDP has replaced the candidate, so it does render the point somewhat obsolete, no?

The second, from the NDP, is a 15-second French ad. It has no voiceover – just text saying business in Ottawa is spinning its wheels and it’s time to change that by “working together.” (I’m guessing this is the NDP's French slogan because support for coalition governance fares highest in Quebec.)

And the Liberal ad is another direct-to-camera appeal from Ignatieff. He decries Harper's attacks on him and his time spent outside of Canada; he then widens the appeal to those Canadians who were born abroad or who, like him, have worked internationally. His message is that this kind of internationalism is actually a strength Canadians should be proud of.
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