Toronto Diary
1 min

A trip to Rob Ford’s no-homo cabin

Can you believe that Rob Ford thought he could run from the homos by taking off to his summer cabin during Pride? Bitch, please. I think the only place in the world that doesn't have a touch of gayness on it is a little phone booth down in Little Rock, Arkansas, and I'm pretty sure a gay couple and their two golden retrievers just bought the land so they could turn it into a bed and breakfast.

Anyway, if Rob is going to hole up in his no-homo cabin and pray the gay away, we're gonna pray the gay back in. Tonight, you can find out what really happened at Rob Ford's cabin, with Paul Bellini at Sodom's Trailer Park party! Come down to Goodhandy's (120 Church St) dressed in your best white-trash getup and see what Ford was really doing at his little cottage. If I had to guess? Dropping people into his sarlacc pit. Anything other than that is just flagrant artistic liberties.

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