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A vice-regal Christmas visit

After his trip to the funeral of Vaclav
Havel in Prague, the governor general went to Kabul to visit the troops for
Christmas. Also, there was Liberal interim leader Bob Rae.

Here is a bit more from the governor general’s chat with The Globe and Mail.

Stephen Harper’s year-end chat with CTV
airs tonight. Apparently he’s going to talk a lot about the instability in the
global economy, and he’s totally not going to be one of the prime ministers who
lets the bureaucracy talk him into going to sleep for three years between
elections. Erm, really? How many times has that actually happened? Also,
Laureen Harper makes him go camping at least once a year – though he refuses to
sleep on the ground.

Pundits' Guide Alice Funke goes through what Nathan
Cullen’s “joint nominations” proposal would actually entail. Amidst the
major problems with due process and workability, she ultimately concludes the
process to be even less democratic. Definitely worth reading, especially as she
reminds us how the system works currently.

Apparently Marc Garneau is mulling an
eventual bid for Liberal leadership.

And in case you missed it, here is the Queen’s
Christmas message.

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