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A Worldwide View of Tops vs Bottoms

Sale Alert! Exhibit Apparel at Main and 11th is having an end-of-summer blowout. If you haven't checked out this store, DO IT! It's one of my favourite new men's boutiques on Main and it carries a whole ton of dynamic denim and killer printed Ts and other menswear. Sales ranging from 40-70% off, so get out this weekend and check it out.

In other news, Manhunt has released the results from some number crunching it's been tabulating over the past some time. I know, right? When I want cold hard statistics, Manhunt is TOTALLY the first place I go a-looking. Headless torsos vs gratuitous ass shots? PNP vs hot chest steamies?

Nay, Up Your Alley reader, it is Tops vs Bottoms… and I'm sure you'll be surprised by these tabulations:

(Source Manhunt Daily – where you can also find specific percentages to help plan your next vacation) 

Oh SHOCKING! For the record, Canada clocked in at 52% top, 48% bottom.

So this week's shout-out goes out to Spain – thanks for colonizing the New World with a bunch of butt-hungry hottos. I salute you! 

(Source –

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