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Ab Soto Pride Q&A

Ab Soto is going to fag out at The Cobalt for Hustla: Pride Meltdown during Vancouver Pride 2013 and Blitz & Shitz did a Q&A with the rapping queen:

You’re performing during Pride, what does Pride mean to you? Pride means freedom and living an authentic life.

Do you have a craziest Pride memory? Yes, being high on life!

Your sense of style is off the hook. Who are your fashion icons? I’m more inspired by energy and positive attitudes. I love fashion from avant guardians.  

Is the esthetic as important as the music? Are listeners of your music missing the full portrait of who you are if they don’t watch your videos too? Yes, the music is just as important as the visuals. The live shows contain an energy that cannot be captured on film. 

Do you crave mainstream success or do you feel freer on the underground? I love the underground but my goal is to reach a larger audience and to make the underground the new mainstream. 

Is the world ready for a gay rapper? The world is ready for authenticity.

What can we expect from your Hustla performance? EVERYTHING.

Download Ab’s Fag Out Vol. 2 here, and check out my favourite of his videos, “Keep It Movin". Boy gives good beat and aesthetic: