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Abba remixed

For the 21st century

MONTREALISH. Brother Love Canal's eclectic pop. Credit: Xtra files

Local band Brother Love Canal headed up by queer Steve Diguay just released its debut full-length CD titled Little Tingles. The band has previously released only singles, including a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” which became a minor dance hit a few years ago. Over the last several years Brother Love Canal has worked very hard on its high energy live show and has subsequently become one of the premier party bands in the city.

There is a very particular Montreal sound on this CD and that’s not just because several of the songs are sung in French. The Montreal sound is very sex positive and eclectic stylistically. Many Québécois bands incorporate dance and rock music seamlessly, adding a gritty underground sound; it feels like they are having fun while being very much politically aware.

Brother Love Canal is locally based but incorporate a mixture of Québécois sexiness alongside euro-pop dance intensity. The first track is a cover of Neil Diamond’s “Longfellow Serenade” that brilliantly shows off the voice of lead singer Leslea Keurvorst. The track starts off slow and quickly builds, like many ’80s dance acts (think Erasure) with Abba’s pop-sensibility. In other words it’s Abba remixed in 2003 with beautifully blended singing and high energy music.

The second track, “Hold Tight,” is written by Steve Diguay and showcases his incredible ability to write catchy pop dance songs; most of the tracks are written by Diguay, who produced the album. “Get Out” is a hilarious breakup song fit for any drag queen: “Take your toothbrush/ Take your clothes/ Cause if you were a narcotic I just had an overdose.”

The title track “Little Tingles” is more like a rock opera than euro-pop and “Boom Zoom Split” is closer to the B-52s. Every track is completely different in musical style, using vocals from everyone in the band including Matthew Lucien, Ani Aubin and Diguay himself.

This long awaited debut album is the perfect soundtrack for a raucous house party out of control.


Brother Love Canal.