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ABBA star Bjorn Ulvaeus battling memory loss

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ABBA star Bjorn Ulvaeus reveals that he is suffering from severe memory loss. He has no memory, for instance, of winning the Eurovision contest in 1974 with ABBA’s song “Waterloo.” Life is so unfair. I’ve been trying to get “Waterloo” out of my head for decades!

A Christian group is upset about a new Barbie doll, part of an upcoming line based on DC Comics superheroes. The “Black Canary” Barbie wears leather and fishnet stockings, a look the protesters call “filth.” How harsh — poor Barbie is only trying to keep up with her boyfriend Ken!

The US senate votes to finally overturn the ban on HIV-positive people entering the country. They also vote down Elizabeth Dole’s insane attempt to name the new funding bill after the late Jesse Helms, the man responsible for the ban in the first place! What’s next? The John Wayne Gacy Child Protection Act?