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Abbotsford lesbian couple finalists for $75,000 wedding show giveaway

Abigail Shakespeare and Sarah Woodland, from Abbotsford, BC, are finalists for a $75,000 giveaway from TLC’s It’s My Wedding. The couple is competing against four straight couples to win the money for their dream wedding and to help start their lives as wife and wife!

"Finding that special someone who you want to be the first person you wake up to in the morning and the last person you say goodnight to isn’t easy,” Sarah says, “but it seemed really easy when it came to Abigail. Being able to physically see someone hit the moment they fell in love with you is a very unusual thing I would imagine, but I got to witness this firsthand. That is the moment where I knew this wasn’t just one of those times you are just ‘dating’ someone. It was usually something that had value and was going to either be amazing or even epic."

Since getting engaged, Abigail and Sarah have realized that, like everything else in Vancouver, getting married ain’t cheap. Their dream of having a beautiful, sparkly New Year’s–inspired theme wedding represents their beginning.

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