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ABC hosts Chris Brown after cancelling Adam Lambert

Apparently domestic violence is okay with ABC, but a gay kiss? No way.

Just days after cancelling Adam Lambert’s scheduled appearance on Good Morning America, the ABC show announced it will host Chris Brown for an interview and performance next week. 

ABC cancelled Lambert’s interview following his performance at the American Music Awards last weekend. The network said it was uncomfortable with Lambert’s performance, which featured a gay kiss and some face/crotch grinding with a male backup dancer.

Brown was recently convicted of assaulting his then-girlfriend, singer Rihanna, in an attack earlier this year. He was sentenced to five years of probation and 1,400 hours of community service.

An ABC rep tried to deflect criticism, saying that Brown was booked before Lambert’s AMA performance. But really — that’s a weak excuse. An early booking didn’t stop them from cancelling on Lambert. ABC should step up and admit what was really at play when they ditched Lambert: homophobia.

Listen to fab magazine’s interview with Lambert, in which he talks about the AMAs, sexuality and censorship.

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