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ABC soap operas move to the internet

A few months back, when ABC announced that it would be cancelling two of its long-running soap operas — All My Children and One Life to Live — millions of women and their gay sons were devastated. As if it wasn't bad enough to lose Oprah! 

Soap fans: have no fear. According to the New York Post, the two shows, which are scheduled to be taken off the ABC airwaves come September, will instead be relocating to the internet! Both soaps will pick up where storylines leave off as part of a deal with TV, film and music company Prospect Park. The site will be similar to Hulu, and All My Children and One Life to Live are two of the first brand-name shows to make the transition. 

I think this is a great idea, and not surprising. I assume, because of the steady decrease in soap ratings, that all soap operas will eventually end up online. I think it's the appropriate decision, since most people who watch soaps these days download them or watch them on YouTube anyway. With this new website, viewers can watch a high-quality version of their favourite serial any time their Susan Lucci-addicted hearts desire.

General Hospital will remain as the only daytime soap opera still broadcast on ABC. 

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