About Xtra

Xtra has earned its readers’ respect for its in-depth coverage of the issues important to LGBT people and a commitment to exploring the many ways in which our diverse communities express themselves.

Each month more than 225,000 readers turn to dailyxtra.com for its intelligent mix of international and Canadian news, opinions, arts and culture coverage, and in-depth local community coverage of Vancouver and Toronto.

Xtra is published by Pink Triangle Press, Canada’s leading LGBT media organization founded in 1971 to advance the struggle for sexual liberation. Our defining activity is queer journalism through an unapologetic, queer and sex-positive lens. We bring to the forefront voices from our diverse communities and stories that are not told elsewhere. We challenge sexual stigma, and we aspire to support and strengthen a new generation of activists and allies in our evolving communities. We ask hard questions within our communities and scrutinize our communities’ members and organizations whenever necessary. We engage our readers to think, feel, act and grow, and to celebrate the many expressions of who we are.

Daily Xtra Travel is a go-to destination for up-to-date city profiles, features and travel news on exciting and popular LGBT destinations. Our continually updated city maps provide travellers with all the info they need to find the top places, venues, events and people they want to encounter on their travels.

Pink Triangle Press is a mission-guided community organization without shareholders, but we earn our revenues in the marketplace. To that end, we are active in many kinds of business. But everything we do is intended to support or fulfill our mission.

The Xtra Team

Director of Editorial: Rachel Giese
Senior Editors: Eternity Martis, Erica Lenti
Associate Editor: Arvin Joaquin
Managing Producer, Video: Michelle Turingan
Producer and Story Editor: Riley Sparks
Video Producer: Corey Misquita
Digital Designer/Design Coordinator: Francesca Roh

Director of Product and Audience Development: Arnaud Baudry

Advertising Manager: Lorilynn Barker
Sponsorship Program Manager: Eric Wright
Marketing Communications Manager: Mitchell Cheeseman
Account Manager: Andrea Gardonio

Director of Mission Engagement: Ken Hickling
Executive Director: David Walberg

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