About Xtra

Xtra is a news and culture site covering current events through an LGBTQ2 lens.

Xtra’s platforms highlight voices from within our communities to provide analysis and bring perspective to issues affecting LGBTQ2 audiences. We take inspiration from and tell the stories of individuals and movements driving our communities forward. Our coverage includes news, politics, communities and culture.

Our aim is to engage audiences, inform readers, elevate causes and inspire actions within our diverse communities to empower the creation of a free, just and inclusive society.

Xtra is published by Pink Triangle Press. Founded in 1971, Pink Triangle Press is one of the world’s oldest, independent LGBTQ2 media groups. Pink Triangle Press is a mission-guided organization with no shareholders. Profits earned by the business are reinvested to support its mission: daring together to set love free.

The Xtra Team

Director of Editorial: Rachel Giese
Executive Editor: Gordon Bowness
Senior Editor: Erica Lenti
Managing Producer, Video: Michelle Turingan
Producer and Story Editor: Riley Sparks
Digital Designer/Design Coordinator: Francesca Roh

Director of Product and Audience Development: Arnaud Baudry
Community Manager: Michelle da Silva

Advertising Manager: Lorilynn Barker
Account Manager: Andrea Gardonio

Marketing Communications Manager: Mitchell Cheeseman

Director of Mission Engagement: Ken Hickling
Executive Director: David Walberg

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