About Xtra Spark

Xtra Spark is a program of Xtra that aims to assist activism campaigns run by LGBTQ2S+ non-profits, community groups and coalitions of people in Canada. Our goal is to support a diverse range of activist campaigns in our communities that emphasize the pursuit of sexual freedom and social justice.

How does Xtra Spark work?

Xtra Spark partners with activist non-profits, community groups and coalitions of people in support of their campaigns. We offer services customized to each campaign that assist our partners reach their goals. You can view a full list of the services we offer here.

Request an Xtra Spark Partnership

Community groups, organizations and coalitions of people working on activist projects in LGBTQ2S+ communities can inquire about a partnership by emailing the Sponsorship Program Manager at spark@dailyxtra.com. Please include a brief description of your project, its timeframe and goals.

Stay up to date with Xtra Spark

There are many ways to keep up to date with Xtra Spark’s happenings! Check the Xtra Spark section of Xtra frequently for new campaigns that invite you to take action on the issues, sign up for our Activist Alerts Service and follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.