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About the ‘lesbian axe murderer’ . . .

Seriously: You can stop calling her “the lesbian axe murderer” anytime now.

All right, I get that the internet’s collective inability to focus on anything for more than five minutes means that complex stories must be condensed to the most palatable buzzwords for the sake of page views. Thus, a mentally unstable person under the influence of mind-altering drugs who bites off another guy’s face becomes “BATH SALTS ZOMBIE!” And zombies become that much less cool . . .

All right, back on subject now: almost three years ago, Nicola Puddicombe was found guilty of murdering her boyfriend. This was the Toronto Star headline back before people knew that Puddicombe and her alleged accomplice, Ashleigh Pechaluk were in a lesbian relationship:

Lover guilty in ‘murderous plot’

And here are examples of their headlines after Puddicombe and Pechaluk were outed as lovers:

Not guilty verdict in lesbian axe murder

Accused in lesbian axe-murder is acquitted 

Lesbian axe murder appeal hinges on hearsay

Oh, that is some Nancy Grace shit. At least with Casey Anthony, actual members of the media used her real name.

But in all seriousness, you guys are supposed to be better than this. We’re all supposed to be better than this. When you connect a minority group with a high-profile murder like this, all you’re doing is demonizing an entire group instead of this one stupid shithead asshole who killed a guy. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is Nancy Grace is terrible. And stop using the phrase “lesbian axe murderer” and just start using her real name. 

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