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Abtastic 2009 – Week 1: See Me Get Big…Pulse…and WinterPRIDE

If you haven't heard, there's a new club on Davie St. The grand opening was last night and let me tell ya – PULSE is hot Hot HOT. The interior has been revamped into a New York minimalist-meets-ultimate cage fighter kinda style. I love it. Hot music, hot guys AND hot girls and no more fireplace (the old Majestic is no more folks). Check out my next Cocked & Loaded print column for a full review.

I ran into Dean Nelson and Ken Coolen – the masterminds behind this year's WinterPRIDE in Whistler. I'll devote a full posting to Gay Ski Week next week here on UYA, though for the meantime, make sure you check out for the latest information on the festival. Whether you've been or you've never been, this is the year to go to Whistler for WinterPRIDE. I have it on good authority that this will be one of the BEST gay events in North America in this decade. DO NOT MISS OUT.

In case you missed out last week, every Friday for the foreseeable future is an Abtastic 2009 posting here on UYA (click here for last week's photos).

I'm personally inviting you to follow me as I work towards my New Year's Resolution: a six pack. To do this, I'm enlisting the help of my good friend LL Cool J (see far below).

Here's one week on the Platinum Work out. I'm going to try to get the shots on my "Balcony of Bulk" (yeah I did) – next week, we'll try to get some daylight photos so all you non-Vancouverites can see the cityscape. Enjoy tonight's fog and PS I'm seeing results already (still in gym clothes, sorry about that):


Next week I'll include measurements. And here's the man that's making it happen: