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Abtastic 2009 – Week 9: PROGRESS!!

For those joining me fresh this week, I've been following LL Cool J's Platinum Work Out for the past 9 weeks. To see Week 0 click here. Click here for all the weeks sequentially.


After my Mexicoma setback, I'm back on track at the gym and I'm definitely feeling and seeing a difference between this week and last week. I know this is about abs, but I don't fit the majority of my t-shirts, half my underwear and a couple pairs of my jeans. My coats don't close properly either (zippers open by themeselves, etc)..yeah yeah, life's rough but hey, never thought a program out of a book was worth the paper it was written on.

Here's Week 9:

Guess who learned the over shoulder wink at the camera this week:

Yeah I did.

Have a great weekend.