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Abtastic Week 15 – you be the judge…no, wait a minute…

So it turns out not really eating for four days is a lot like mono. The second best diet ever? You be the judge…no, wait a minute, you won't be this week. I'm not really feeling like posting photos of myself in light of what may be salmonella poisoning. I hope you understand.

In other news, I was sitting in the waiting room at the clinic on Davie by Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday afternoon waiting to see a doctor when a man with no underwear on (don't ask me how I could tell because you really don't want to know) walked into the clinic with a bag of urine and after shouting for a bit at the nurse at the counter, he sat down on table covered with magazines and started emptying the urine bag all over the floor.

Contrary to what my friend Amanda thought, the nurse did not slam the phone down angrily and tell him, "You're really PISSING ME OFF!" – though I wish the nurse had.


"The News" is really going for it nowadays: