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Accused in HIV disclosure case has bail yanked by Superior Court

A 29-year-old Ottawa HIV-positive man accused of failing to disclose his health status had his bail overturned yesterday, the Ottawa Citizen reports.

Crown prosecutors challenged Justice of the Peace Herb Kreling’s decision to release the accused on a $10,000 bond. After he was given bail of $5,000 and strict release conditions, including not having access to a computer, internet or cell phone, and living with his mother an hour outside of Ottawa, he remained in custody. A few days later, he was transported to a Milton jail to face a Waterloo arrest warrant for similar charges.

The accused was charged in May. There are now a total of six complainants alleging the accused did not tell them his health status before having unprotected sex.

Reasons overturning the accused’s bail are covered by a publication ban.

The accused has been behind bars since he was arrested on May 6.

“Bail was not revoked, which would have meant he breached his conditions in some way,” says Delinda Hayton. “The matter went to a bail review which is similar to an appeal. The judge at that hearing determined that [the accused] should be detained in custody..”