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Acme Burger to start serving alcohol

Booze will flow in time for patio season

Acme Burger hopes offering alcohol will fill up these patio seats. Credit: Rob Salerno
Church St will have one more buzzing patio this summer if all goes according to plan.
Acme Burger manager Amad Khuash recently told Xtra he plans to begin serving alcohol at his restaurant once patio season arrives in the spring.
“In this neighbourhood, I think beer is one of the most important things,” he says.
The restaurant is in one half of the location that previously held Zelda’s, which had one of the largest and most popular patios on the Church St strip until it closed suddenly in 2009 and relocated to Yonge St.
The property sat vacant until 2011, when Acme Burger opened. A Second Cup later opened in the remaining half of the location. While both locations have liquor licences, neither are currently using them.
Before Acme opened, owner Diaa Khuffash told Xtra, “I want to keep this a family-friendly place. That patio will not sell beer or liquor.”
The decision disappointed many Village residents, who’d hoped that the new business’s patio would provide another option for summer boozing.
Economic realities may have tripped up Khuffash’s alcohol-free plans. The restaurant is frequently empty at peak hours and neighbouring businesses have been saying it can’t possibly be profitable with its reported $16,000 monthly rent.

Khuash says business has been going very well and the restaurant has no plans to close or move.

Although the property’s liquor licence covers Second Cup, it’s unlikely the cafe will follow suit in selling alcohol since the Second Cup’s franchise rules prohibit it.